Qingdao Dashang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

Aspiring to make a difference to the future of supermarkets.

Together,for better

In order to create high-quality refrigeration equipments that walks in the forefront of the industry, we always adhere to the customer satisfaction as the center. Applicable to medium and large stores, community fresh supermarkets and convenience stores cabinets and high-end shaped cabinets have been fully recognized and praised by the majority of users.

Truly realizing zero distance with users. Making the quality goal to achieve zero defects. Maximizing brand reputation.

  • 节能


  • 高效


  • 合理


  • 安全


We are constantly innovating and optimizing

The various commercial refrigeration product lines we have, covering large supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels, the food industry and so on.Furthermore, we have been deeply rooted in the industry, with a 22-year sales history across China and a 13-year history of exports to foreign markets.

  • 22 years of manufacturing experience

    22 years of manufacturing experience

  • Sells well in 56 countries

    Sells well in 56 countries

  • Headquarters 500+ employees

    Headquarters 500+ employees


Better R&D for a better sense of experience;

Centralized production line for one-stop service.