Qingdao Dashang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.


Superior Quality

With deep technical strength and rich experience in the field of intelligent manufacturing, we are committed to providing customers with differentiated and customized intelligent manufacturing solutions.

We use advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data to closely integrate digital technology with production management. Through digital production lines, intelligent factories,visualized management and other means, we can achieve full-process control and optimization of the production process, significantly improve production efficiency, reduce costs, optimize the management of supply chain and inventories, and provide faster, more accurate and personalized services.

We firmly believe that through intelligent manufacturing, we are able to meet the growing expectation and requirement of customers.Let's work together to create a win-win situation for the future.Together, for better.


Dashang's Capabilities

Numerical Control Turret Punch Press
Bending Plate Center
Laser Cutting Line
Bronte Robotic Arms

Numerical Control Turret Punch Press consists of computer control system, mechanical or hydraulic power system, servo feeding mechanism, mold library, mold selection system, peripheral programming system, etc..

Numerical Control Turret Punch Press (NCT) is a machine that is programmed by programming software (or manually).


The perfect combination of the power and versatility of hydraulic technology, as well as the energy-saving and sustainable requirements of ecological and environmental protection. The adaptive deflection and reflection system make this series of bending machines the most accurate equipment on the market today. It can be connected in series or integrated into automated production lines or robot units.


High power laser cutting machine with ultra large surface and ultra-high power, smooth and burr free groove cutting! Empowering metal with T! A globally renowned manufacturer of ultra large format high-power laser cutting machines! Fast, high-precision, and stable operation in various working conditions and environments!


The six axis robot is an explosion-proof spraying robot with an ultra long arm span of 2000mm and a maximum load of 13kg. The robot has a compact exterior structure, with high-precision reducers installed on each joint. The high-speed joint speed allows for flexible operations such as handling, palletizing, assembly, and injection molding. It has a flexible installation method. High protection level of IP65, dustproof and waterproof. High precision - repeated positioning accuracy ± 0.5mm.